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Welcome to the SAFAG website which has been designed to provide the community with a clearer, more up to date insight into the objectives and activities of the flood group


29th October SAFAG members field walk to view some of the 350 NFM interventions installed in the Knee Brook and Pig Brook areas

16 October 2018. SAFAG members deliver a presentation to the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee in Hereford in a bid to secure further funding to enable the group to complete NFM interventions the within 'Stour and Nethercote sides' of the catchment 

September 2018. Due to our continued success, SAFAG are awarded £50k from EA's NFM reserve funds 

August 2018. SAFAG held seperate meetings with the 1) Environment Agency, 2)Warwickshire County Council and 3) the Chair of the English Severn and Wye Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to plan our strategy for future funding to complete the proposed flood interventions on the eastern and southern sides of the catchment 

6th August 2018. SAFAG's Chair and Secretary were invited by the National Flood Forum to the newly formed Wellesbourne Flood Action Group meeting to offer our advice and support and also to discuss SAFAG's 'flood action journey'. We wish them well as they progress and our offer of ongoing support is a genuine one.

20th July 2018. Site Visit to SAFAG by some of the senior management of the Environment Agency, Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and Warwickshire County Council. (See News and Projects page)

25th June 2018.Site Visit to SAFAG by 11 members of the Environment Agency to view several farms and estates and build one or two NFM interventions (See News and Projects page)

May 28th 2018. Shipston Wool Fair. SAFAG staffed a stall to inform the local community of the SAFAG successes, and to discuss the flooding issues in the area and to offer flood resilience advice (See News and Projects page)

May 21st 2018 SAFAG members deliver a presentation to PCC and members of the public of Cherington and Stourton regarding the intervention work SAFAG have carried out on the Kneebrook and also to discuss our future plans for the Stour/Sutton Brook side of the catchment.

4th April 2018. Community Dam Building Day Several group members assisted the Project Officer in building several woody dams. (See News and Projects page)

22nd March 2018.Flood and Coastal Conference in Telford The SAFAG Secretary delivered a Powerpoint presentation at the Flood and Coast Conference for the 3rd year t

28th November 2017.SAFAG members were invited to attend the House of Commons as one of the 6 finalists in the FloodRe Local Heroes Competition. (See News and Projects page) 

October 17th 2017. Nadhim Zahahi visit to view some of the farms and estates to see the recently installed flood interventions











Further advice on flood planning is available on www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-flood-plan.


To obtain up to date weather forecasts and current flood warnings go to the Town Council's website at www.shipstontowncouncil.org


or go to https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/


Shipston Bridge community web camera can be viewed at www.vision-link.co.uk/shipston-bridge.php


High Water Common Ground is a film produced in 2017 which features SAFAG and several other groups from around the UK  It explains simply what natural flood management is and highlights its many benefits. The link to the trailer is https://vimeo.com/194145332


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